25 December 2023

AR Notebook #1.1 sBITX RFI

 I had my sBITX v3 hooked up to my computer monitor via HDMI - VGA adapter cable. I removed the HDMI - VGA cable and took my computer monitor out of the system. I then hooked up a 7" Raspberry Pi monitor to the sBITX via HDMI Micro to HDMI cable. This worked pretty good, but that isn't surprising since the sBITX is designed with a 7" Raspberry Pi Touch Screen. As mentioned earlier my sBITX v3 is just the bare board model. I have to supply the Raspberry Pi 4, Monitor, and enclosure. At the time of this post the sBITX is still without an enclosure so that could also be a cause of RFI. 

Since my eyesight is really poor it is hard for me to see everything with the 7" monitor. The sBITX gives you so much information on the display that the font becomes really small. If you use the WEB option on the display that helps quite a bit with larger font. The sBITX is open source so I bet that there is a way to design a optional display that cuts down the amount of information displayed on the sBITX screen to make room for a larger font. I should look into that. 

The sBITX gets its brains from the Raspberry Pi 4. In my experience you can operate the RPI4 headless using VNC and other options. I can then use my PC monitor as a display for the sBITX without any cables. That looks like the easiest option at this point. 

Again until next time you are encouraged to leave comments or questions in the comments section below. Also you can email me at Aaron@K5ATG.com


Aaron K5ATG

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