16 December 2023

AR Notebook #1.0 sBITX RFI

 Got my sBITX v3 from HF Signals and set it up to kick the crap out of the F Layers and in true Aaron the Great style, there was no assault on the atmosphere. Actually the atmosphere did not even get bumped. 😢 But hey I tried. First things first, here is my setup:

  • Cool I made a dot
  • sBITX v3, 20 watt SDR transceiver that is good on 80-10. In my case it is just a populated PCB with a large heat sink. HF Signals are running a little bit behind on the enclosures and they will get one to me when they can. So for now it is all open air. 
  • N7DDC ATU-100 Extended Board Antenna Tuer
  • Another dot
  • Homebrew 40 Meter EFHW
  • Just one more dot for the road. 
I have a 15 inch computer monitor hooked up to the Raspberry Pi 4 that make up the smarts for the sBITX v3. I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse hooked up to the sBITX. How many HF radios do you know of  that uses a keyboard and mouse? 

The problem is that when I go to transmit the computer monitor goes black and remains that way until I stop transmitting.Once I stop transmitting the monitor goes back to normal operation. Since the transceiver is not in an metal enclosure I think that may have something to do with the RFI. Since I'm still in bed rest recovering from my surgery, I'm very limited on what I can do. My first step is I will try to put some ferrite beads on the HDMI cable that connects to the HDMI Micro jack on the Raspberry Pi 4 and I have it connected to the display with a HDMI-VGA adapter. Once I do this, I will post the results and try to come up with a plan to go from there if it does not work.

As always feel free to leave a post in the comments any suggestions for this RFI is welcome. You can email me at Aaron@k5atg.com

Aaron K5ATG

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