01 August 2023

sBITX Part II- Monitor troubles

 Greetings Earthicans,

For the last few days my progress on the sBITX has been hampered by one single problem. I loaded up the Raspberry Pi OS on my RPI and it would not load up on the monitor. It would load up just fine on my 43" television. The people of BITX20 is group came to my rescue with several attempts on fixing the problem. Eventually I slowly (Ok I admit, sometimes I can be slower than a sumo in a sprint) came to the conclusion that the issue could be in the monitor. For the record here is the monitor that I am using:LONCEVON 7 inch Mini HDMI Monitor

I contacted Loncevon support and we will see if they help me out. In the meantime, I will be stumbling forward on this build by start building the different modules. I will start by building the low pass filter. I also have another project to start but it will be more for building me than the circuits I build. 

Well, you know where to leave your words and my email is still Aaron@K5ATG.com

Be safe and hit hard


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