19 April 2023

Oklahoma from fence parts

A while back my neighbors had this dog that would not tolerate the wooden privacy fence that was between our properties. Every time I went out to the back yard that dog would just start tearing up the fence so that he could see me better. It seemed like every day the neighbor was removing the fence parts that the dog broke and was putting up new boards. I went up to the neighbor and asked if he would just toss the broken fence boards over to my side of the fence instead of tossing them in the trash. With the broken fence parts that he gave me I was able to make the great state of Oklahoma. 

It is not to scale and it is not meant to be. I just laid it all out freehand. As always feel free to leave me any comments in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow so that you may receive notices when I add more to this blog. You may contact me at Aaron@K5ATG.com


Aaron K5ATG

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