Aaron's List

The internet's most incomplete list of amateur radio related websites. 


  • 4 State QRP Group Member: 1080. The 4 State QRP Group started off in the U.S. States of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Now their membership spans the world. They offer a number of great QRP kits from simple to complex.  Membership is free, and good memories last forever.
  • GQRP Member: 16389 Formed in 1974 by Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV, the GQRP Club is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers to promote Low Power Radio. Whether you have a ham license or not - everyone is welcome. Our quarterly magazine SPRAT provides a fascinating read containing articles of varying complexity, from simple test equipment, to fully functioning radio transmitters and receivers. Membership fees are about as low as you will find anywhere and our club sales service to members is second to none.
  • North American QRP CW Club Member: 8009 The North American QRP CW Club Inc., is organized exclusively for scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code to advance, promote, and pursue designing, information sharing, building, and operation of low power, Morse Code enabled Amateur Radio (FCC Part 97) equipment with simple wire antennas for both emergency and personal communications purposes. No dues or membership fees - open to any licensed radio amateur or shortwave listener (SWL) worldwide with an interest in CW/QRP operation. Encouraging the use of CW and helping all hams increase CW speed and proficiency is a top club priority. Club activities are dedicated to QRP/QRPp operation, using CW and emphasize using simple wire antennas.
  • QRP Amateur Radio Club International Member: 16443. One of the two top QRP clubs in the world. Quarterly magazine QRP Quarterly is full of project and operating articles. QRPARCI is the club that gives us FDIM (Four Days in May) each year.  Another feature of the QRPARCI is the QRP Hall of Fame that includes distinguished members such as Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE, Graham Firth G3MFJ and Pete Juliano N6QW


  • HF Signals- Home of the BITX series of transceivers. 
  • K5BCQ Kits- Great source for some high-quality kits
  • Kits and Parts- A great source for the homebrewer. 
  • N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log One of the very best logbooks out there today
  • QRP Kits - Pacific Antenna A large selection of QRP Transceivers, antennas, and other radio gear. 
  • QRP Labs A great resource for the low power amateur radio operator. Home to the QCX series of radios and the Ultimate3/3S QRSS/WSPR. The list of great products is long and great. 
  • QRP Me- This is a great source of homebrew kits and gear provided by Rex Harper W1REX. This is where I get the MeSquares that I use for Manhattan Homebrew Style of construction. 


YouTube has become a great addition to the world of amateur radio. You can quickly find how to videos in making any type of antenna, radio or watch others brave the weather and do POTA and SOTA  activations. Below is just a small list of some of my favorite channels. If you have a favorite let me know. 

  • KM4ACK Ham radio-related videos from an extra class ham that enjoys sharing. I enjoy homebrew projects and the Raspberry Pi.


New Desk

 I finally got my new homemade desk in. There is still a lot of organising and getting used to it but after a few weeks I really love it.